Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan . . . . .

So you’ve been planning your wedding for months now and finally the day arrives . . . . . but so does the rain, then as your bridesmaid is lacing you into your dress you cringe as you hear the unmistakeable sound of material tearing, dooooh the top tie hoop tears away.

So what do you do ???

I’ll tell you what Sarah did, she just laughed and got on with the day. The most important thing for them was spending time with and celebrating their wedding with family and friends, and nothing was going to get in the way of that.

There’s a great lesson in there for all of us, and as you can see from their photos, having their ceremony moved at the last minute, then postponed by an hour and a dress mishap that would see tears in many people, actually had zero effect on how they laughed and celebrated their wedding.

Ask them how their wedding went and they’d probably tell it was perfect !!!


About ianwilkinsonphotographer

When photographing a wedding I guess I tend to somewhat forget about the wedding part. What I'm there to photograph is you, your family, your friends and the great times you will have celebrating a ceremony that signifies a new path in life. The wedding part is important, after all that's the reason you have gathered your loved ones together to celebrate right ? So let's show that, let's show the celebration, the hugs, the good wishes and let's make some memories to share with your future loved ones. Let's go have great time !
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One Response to Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan . . . . .

  1. I just found you on the DWF so I thought I’d swing by and take a look at your work. I really enjoyed your photos and I love your editing style and feel. I’m a wedding photographer as well (My company is called Mykkah Photography around Washington D.C. / central Virginia) and I can totally appreciate the efforts behind the photos… Keep up the great work!

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