Emma and Cam – a rainy Brisbane wedding day

Just because the weather gods aren’t on your side doesn’t mean you can’t still have a the wedding of your dreams.

Emma and Cam held their wedding in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens and surrounded themselves with family and close friends, the sort that all banded together to ensure the rain wasn’t going to hold them back. Just as Emma prepared to walk down the path to stand beside her beau the rain clouds opened and it bucketed down. Guests ran for cover, the chief bridesmaid who was half way down the “aisle” turned back to seek shelter under a shared umbrella. Emma turned to her Dad with an “oh well” look on her face. It took just a few minutes for the rain to pass so everyone prepared to go again.

Emma walked down with her Dad to the delight of the crowd and you could see the pride on Cam’s face. The photo shoot was completed as we wandered along the city streets to the Rugby Club, and as you can clearly see everyone had a great time.

I love rainy weddings, especially the ones where the bride keeps her chin up and realises they still get to have a great day and live happily ever after. I’m also especially grateful for the R&D Nikon and Canon have put into sealing their top of the line cameras against inclement weather!  Seems we’ve needed that a bit here lately.

This is Emma and Cam’s story … what are your rainy day stories?


About ianwilkinsonphotographer

When photographing a wedding I guess I tend to somewhat forget about the wedding part. What I'm there to photograph is you, your family, your friends and the great times you will have celebrating a ceremony that signifies a new path in life. The wedding part is important, after all that's the reason you have gathered your loved ones together to celebrate right ? So let's show that, let's show the celebration, the hugs, the good wishes and let's make some memories to share with your future loved ones. Let's go have great time !
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