Lauren and Ben

Who said Rugby players can’t be total gentlemen also?? Ben took Lauren’s breath away with a brilliant surprise right at the end of the ceremony. Just as they turned to head back down the aisle, a band he secretly organised and then hid away up on the balcony kicked off with their rendition of the song “All you need is Love”. It’s the same song that was used in the church scene at the start of the movie “Love Actually”.

In my 20 yrs of shooting weddings this was a first for me. Just sensational!!


About ianwilkinsonphotographer

When photographing a wedding I guess I tend to somewhat forget about the wedding part. What I'm there to photograph is you, your family, your friends and the great times you will have celebrating a ceremony that signifies a new path in life. The wedding part is important, after all that's the reason you have gathered your loved ones together to celebrate right ? So let's show that, let's show the celebration, the hugs, the good wishes and let's make some memories to share with your future loved ones. Let's go have great time !
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3 Responses to Lauren and Ben

  1. Gorgeous work, that first image is awesome. Stunning couple.

  2. Ian Hamilton says:

    Stunning window shot Ian – love it!

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