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Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan . . . . .

So you’ve been planning your wedding for months now and finally the day arrives . . . . . but so does the rain, then as your bridesmaid is lacing you into your dress you cringe as you hear the unmistakeable sound of material tearing, dooooh the top tie hoop tears away.

So what do you do ???

I’ll tell you what Sarah did, she just laughed and got on with the day. The most important thing for them was spending time with and celebrating their wedding with family and friends, and nothing was going to get in the way of that.

There’s a great lesson in there for all of us, and as you can see from their photos, having their ceremony moved at the last minute, then postponed by an hour and a dress mishap that would see tears in many people, actually had zero effect on how they laughed and celebrated their wedding.

Ask them how their wedding went and they’d probably tell it was perfect !!!

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Australian Travel Photographer of the Year

With the Australian Photography Awards for 2011 just a few weeks away I thought it about time I should blog the portfolio of images that won me the highly acclaimed title of The 2010 AIPP Australian Travel Photographer of the Year. I shot these in Italy – it’s always a daunting task choosing images to enter so I chose 2 portraits and 2 landscapes. Can you imagine how popular the little church would be if it was close to Brisbane !!!!

The shot of Tizio wearing his blue overalls is far and away my favourite of these, he really made an impression on us and the following is a bit of his story . . . . . . . . . We went to Soriano nel Cimino in an effort to find a holiday location off the tourist path where we could immerse ourselves in the Italian way of life. Travelling with two small children, we knew our holiday had to be quite different to how we travelled sans kids. My wife was learning to speak Italian, and I was learning to love the lifestyle and food!! We found Soriano after months of trawling the internet, looking for apartments in villages (rather than major tourist centres) and not somewhere in a villa on top of a hill next to no-one. We finally found an apartment in Soriano which happened to be owned by a couple who lived not far from us, so we were able to find out a lot of details before deciding to stay there. Can you believe the best croissants and fruit danishes cost just Eu.40c, enough fresh pasta to feed the 4 of us each night cost just Eu$1.00 !!

Yes, Tizio stopped us in the street, one that we’d walk up and down every day, past his workshop and on the way to our apartment. Calling it a street is probably a bit of a stretch, more of a lane way really. Soriano is a 13th century village at the top of the Cimino Mountains, still with it’s original castle above the village. The streets and lane ways are often still stone and wide enough for a couple of horses to pass.

The photograph was taken toward the end of our time in Soriano, and Tizio had well and truly touched our hearts and a fabulous bond had been forged between us. He’s very proud of what he does, and especially proud of the fact a few of the tools were handed down to him. We were walking past his workshop one day so we popped our heads through the door and I asked my wife to ask Tizio if he would mind if I was to photograph him working. He just smiled and replied “that would be fine”. He looked chuffed to have his photograph taken in his workshop, but at the same time I’m sure he was just happy to grant my request, it’s just they way they are there, people are just so happy to help in anyway they can. Within a few days I had prints made of this image and when I handed them to him, they literally brought tears to his eyes – he loved them! We were so grateful for the hospitality he and many other locals had shown us, and given it’s not common to have a portrait taken I asked if there was someone special he might like to have a photo with……. again tears welled up in his eyes and he told us of how he lost his dear wife years earlier. Hearing the story broke our hearts, I would love to have been able to capture Tizio and his wife together, for him.

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Virgin Blue Voyeur Inflight Magazine publishes images from AIPP 2010 awards …

… and I was amongst them!! Be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine if you are on any of Virgin’s flights during the month of April.

It was a great feeling to be published alongside Peter Rossi, Charmaine Heyer, Joseph Koprek, Ryan Pierse, Paul Gummer and Emily Hanna. If you can’t make it onto a plane this month, check out the article on-line … … and it I could get the hyperlink to work, it would be – sorry!

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sixty two years …

… and still going strong!

Steph and Ev’s wedding was at the Hyatt Sanctuary Cove in a wedding chapel on the Gold Coast – a perfect venue for any Gold Coast wedding.

At weddings, I’m always very taken by the grandparents – especially when they still have each other. I don’t see that very much anymore …

It was easy for me to see their wonderful influence on their entire extended family – such lovely caring people with fabulous mannerisms who were so welcoming.

This wonderful couple have what I want – to be at my grandchild’s wedding … I hope I have the chance to sit back and hold Sandy’s hand in mine, and together watch the family we started at the wedding of our grandchild. To look around, really take in the role I’ve played and soak up the love, knowing the family in front of me is all because of me (well … I guess Sandy too).

I’d love to hear your stories about your grandparents, other grandparents you know, the special oldies in your lives, or especially from you if you are a grandparent and share my dream.

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Candice and Nic, Brisbane Wedding at Hillstone

How’s this for an infectious smile!

Candice and Nic nailed what many would consider the dream wedding. Surrounded by close family, it went without a hitch and as you can see C and N had a great time. I think one of the secrets is to just let the wedding have a life of it’s own. You don’t need every five minutes planned, and you don’t need to spend two hours away from your guests on a photo shoot.

The photo shoot here was just 15 minutes spent around the back of Hillstone, one of my favourite Brisbane wedding venues. Great food, lots of easy going staff and in my many many weddings there never once have I had a couple mention any sort problem. For a Brisbane wedding, Hillstone at St Lucia offers everything.

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Emma and Cam – a rainy Brisbane wedding day

Just because the weather gods aren’t on your side doesn’t mean you can’t still have a the wedding of your dreams.

Emma and Cam held their wedding in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens and surrounded themselves with family and close friends, the sort that all banded together to ensure the rain wasn’t going to hold them back. Just as Emma prepared to walk down the path to stand beside her beau the rain clouds opened and it bucketed down. Guests ran for cover, the chief bridesmaid who was half way down the “aisle” turned back to seek shelter under a shared umbrella. Emma turned to her Dad with an “oh well” look on her face. It took just a few minutes for the rain to pass so everyone prepared to go again.

Emma walked down with her Dad to the delight of the crowd and you could see the pride on Cam’s face. The photo shoot was completed as we wandered along the city streets to the Rugby Club, and as you can clearly see everyone had a great time.

I love rainy weddings, especially the ones where the bride keeps her chin up and realises they still get to have a great day and live happily ever after. I’m also especially grateful for the R&D Nikon and Canon have put into sealing their top of the line cameras against inclement weather!  Seems we’ve needed that a bit here lately.

This is Emma and Cam’s story … what are your rainy day stories?

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